Big cars, Big homes and Big names
so yesterday

Larger teams are like machines that need to be filled. You will be dealing with assistants and voicemail.  I am a bespoke Real Estate Agent. I take on only a few listings at a time and give them my absolute attention. I work together with Sellers and involve them as much as they like in the process. I go above and beyond and have been known to clean a  kitchen and fold laundry when sellers were away and short notice showing was requested. We are all working to a common goal and I am not afraid of going the extra mile to get that done. For buyers, I preview the listings to weed out ones that might waste your time.
I have less overhead, I advertise listings not myself. I get 100 percent of my business through referrals and word of mouth. I use the internet and not junk mail.

Call me and let me explain how I can make a difference,..... without a dog and pony show