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150k for 1 bedroom home?

Smallworks has just unveiled an amazing new mini home. $150,000 all in and you have a state of the art cottage. Just supply the lot! Taking up the space of a garage, this mini home has fire sprinklers, heated floors, total energy efficiency as a matter of fact its so well built you could almost heat it with a 4 slice toaster! Available as a 1 bedroom, studio or flex space this house is legal in all RS1 and RS5 zones in Vancouver right now as well, in North Vancouver if you have 400 sq ft of available FSR in your house, we can plunk one of these in your back lane. No monthly strata fees, minimal property tax increase, this home is ideal for kids starting on their own or parents wanting to downsize but not loose all the equity in the house- just rent the main or have your family stay there.
As the exclusive agent for WWW.SMALLWORKS.CA on the North Shore, I am proud to come and give you a free on site consutlation and show you the plans.