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Laneway Housing


I have been involved lately in a number of ventures and activities. Our big  Realtors Christmas fundraiser at Capilano golf course is tommorrow with all proceeds going to North Shore Look society shelter. As well I will be on hand at the Vancouver heritage foundations Laneway House tour. 6 Laneway homes will be open top the public and the company I have recently been helping,, will be showing 2 of those 6. By far the most popular builder of studios and laneway houses. They are of interest to me as they build the home in a shop and erect it  to lockup in 4 days. This cuts almost 4 months off the time the usual house is sitting in the rain with poor carpenters trying to nail it up to perfection in the cold. In the Smallworks shop, the house is built using proprietary methods- prefab panels that are insulated , vapour barriered and even with windows built in. All kept dry and all the carpenters are warm and dry and thus much easier to keep all measurements 100 percent accurate.While the house is being framed in panels the bathroom and kitchen are being made onsite simultaneously. Smallworks can have a house up in 14 weeks after the foundation site work is ready. Come see for yourself and come tour 6 laneways homes, Smallworks will have one modern and one traditional on display. I will be there in the modern one. details below

Light Up the Lanes

A Fundraising tour inside six recently completed laneway houses in Vancouver

Saturday, December 11, 2010 (1 pm – 5 pm)  $50 + hst

($25 tax receipts issued upon request)

Lane houses have arrived.  We see them popping up all over the city, and six of them are opening to the public December 11th. Laneway housing can be a tool for the owners of older homes to densify and improve their propety while  contributing to the preservation of their their historic neighourhood. Only laneway houses constructed behind existing houses will be open on this tour. Get some ideas for building a lane house, or just come to see what the buzz is all about. 

  • 500 – 750 square feet of creative rental living space
  • 1 – 2 bedroom homes
  • Project teams will be on site to discuss the projects
  • Unique Christmas lights installations by CD/M2 Lightworks
  • All fluffed for the tour by Fluff
  • Enjoy hot chocolate and cookies
  • tickets available